High blood requirements - Arise due to many surgeries

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Due to scheduled surgeries that were postponed in the pandemic, both in the public and in the private sector, there is a great need for blood and the Head of the Blood Center Socrates Menelaou with a statement to KYPE appears optimistic that with the organized blood donations starting, things will start conditions of the past.

"Our blood donation programs have started, we have blood donations in camps, in schools, they are done on a weekly basis, we can have at least 20 blood donations per week, so I believe that our planning goes back to the good old days," he told KYPE.

Mr. Menelaou stated that the flow of our blood donors is not reduced, it is at good levels, but he explained that for the surgeries that were postponed, canceled or never scheduled due to a pandemic, there is now a terrible explosion, both in those of OKYPY and of the private sector.

"The surgeries are working day and night, non-stop to fill the gaps that have been created during this long period," he said characteristically.

The Head of the Center told KYPE that there seems to be a tremendously large increase in needs which has not been reduced and that for days now calls have been made and the situation is being monitored.

"What matters is the safety and adequacy of the blood and that is why we are addressing the world to respond to our calls, messages and phone calls," he said.

He stated that there is no need for a specific blood type but because of the surgeries there will always be needs.
"Because our patients are part of the population as well as our blood donors, the needs quota is about normal," he explained.

Mr. Menelaou reminded that regular blood donors are notified to come for blood donation when the necessary period of time has passed since the last blood donation, while new blood donors should keep in mind some issues such as not having recently become ill, not receiving treatment, etc. .

As far as blood donors who have been infected with coronavirus are concerned, they can donate blood as soon as they leave quarantine, while for those vaccinated with Pfizer / Moderna a period of 7 days has passed from each dose, while with AstraZeneca and J&J a period of 28 days from each dose.

Engomi Station in Nicosia and Agios Georgios Havouzas in Limassol are open until 2000 daily for the convenience of the public. The Station on the 3rd floor of the new wing of the General Hospital of Larnaca is open today until 1930 and the other days until 1500 for blood donations. In the other provinces, due to organized blood donations, there will be no extension of the Station hours.