Drunk woman was shouting and swearing at a couple outside the airport – She bit a police officer

Disturbance at the airport - Drunk woman bit a police officer

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The Paphos Police is investigating a case of causing concern under the influence of drunkenness and assaulting police officers causing bodily harm against a 27-year-old and a 31-year-old woman, after an incident that occurred on Thursday outside Paphos airport.  

According to the Press Representative of ADE Paphos and Head of TAE Paphos Michalis Nikolaou, on 15.9.22 at 21:00, information was given that a man and a woman were causing concern in the parking area of ​​Paphos airport. Members of the Airport Security Directorate approached the two persons who were under the influence of alcohol while causing concern by shouting and swearing.

On advice to the woman to calm down, she responded by pushing a member of the force, continued to cause concern while fleeing. When she was then stopped by the police, she bit one of them on the shoulder.

As for the man who was with her he was also shouting and abusing the members of the force while in a drunken state. At some stage he pushed a police officer, resisted his arrest, and eventually became the mastermind behind the arrest of both.

As it was established, they are tourists, the woman is 27 years old and the man is 31 years old. The two persons were arrested and taken into custody.

The two police officers who were attacked were taken to the Department of Accidents and Emergencies of the Paphos Police Department where they received first aid and were subsequently dismissed.