Drunk "flying" at 177 kilometers - 44-year-old arrested

The 40-year-old is in front of the District Court today


A 40-year-old man, who was found to be driving under the influence of alcohol, at excessive speed, is expected to appear before the District Court of Nicosia, for the immediate trial of a case against him.

Specifically, around 12.45 am. today, members of the Traffic Headquarters, who were conducting a speed check, on the Larnaca - Nicosia highway, despite Lybia, detected a car moving at a speed of 177 kilometers per hour, while the upper limit is 100 kilometers per hour. After the vehicle was stopped for a check, it was found that its driver was a 40-year-old resident of Nicosia, who also underwent a preliminary alcohol test with a positive result.

As a result, the 40-year-old was arrested for spontaneous crimes. He was taken to Pera Chorio Police Station, where he underwent a final alcohol test, with a lower reading of 75µg%, instead of 22µg%.

After being charged in writing with the speeding and drink driving offences, the 40-year-old signed a bail bond to appear in court today and was released from custody.

The Pera Chorio Police Station is investigating the case.