A mutually acceptable peacekeeping force agreement calls for "upex"

"Our priority is to reach an agreement acceptable to both sides"

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The priority of the Turkish Cypriot side is to reach an agreement, accepted by all sides, on the issue of the peacekeeping force, says the pseudo-state's "Ministry of Foreign Affairs" in a written statement.

According to the written statement, "the relations between the tdvc and the UN do not give the right to the Greek Cypriot side, which only represents the Greek Cypriots, to comment" on issues concerning the Turkish Cypriots.

Reacting to a statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus, the "yupex" states that the UN peacekeeping force can continue its presence and activities in the occupied territories "thanks to our goodwill" and "there is a need for a legal arrangement for the presence and its activities".

In the continuation of the announcement it is stated that "the UN has so far avoided taking any measure in this direction. During his visit to New York in September 2022, our minister stated that a proactive step was taken and a constructive draft agreement was submitted to the UN Secretariat. Our priority is to reach an agreement acceptable to both sides."

Source: KYPE