Mother Thanasi: How do the irresponsible "responsible" officers feel?

Awaiting a new date for the death investigation process, the family of 26-year-old national guard Thanasis Nikolaos

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While waiting for a new date for the death investigation process, the family of the 26-year-old national guard Thanasis Nikolaou is holding his 18th annual memorial service on Sunday, while in the evening of the same day, a concert is being organized in his memory, at the municipal garden theater "Marios Tokas", in Limassol.

The mother of Thanasis, Andriana Nikolaou, speaking to Protoselidos, characteristically mentioned that "miracles also happen. Where I was thinking last month that black September is approaching that I lost my child and I had to do something for his memory. I got messages on my cell phone from some people asking me if it's okay to do the concert. I said, yes, why not."

He pointed out that "and truth be told, September will always be black for me because I lost my child in good health. These days are very tragic for us as a family. We remember all that Thanasis went through in the army, the bullying, the humiliation, the torture and also the horrible death by some monsters who want to be called humans. Because apart from what our child who joined the army told us, we now see through the testimonies that Thanasis before his martyrdom was living a lifeless life in the army".

He added that "I can't imagine right now how those responsible 'irresponsible' officers must be feeling right now, since Thanasis went with tears in his eyes and asked them to transfer him elsewhere so that he could be spared the bullying and suffering and they did nothing, not even to protect him."

Source: Sigmalive