Tonight: The biggest and brightest moon of the year!

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The biggest and brightest moon of this year will appear tonight, as it will be the third (and best) of the four super-full moons of 2020.

At 21:08 Cyprus time tonight the Moon will approach the Earth at its closest point for this year, at a distance of 356.907 kilometers (periphery). A few hours later, at 05:35 Greek time on Thursday, there will be a full moon. The almost coincidence of the full moon with the circumference of the moon is expected to lead to an intensification of the tidal phenomenon.

When the supermoon is close to the horizon, then the moon appears even bigger in the eyes of observers. In fact, the Earth's satellite will tonight appear to have a companion in the sky, who will be Stachys, the brightest star a (alpha) of the constellation of Virgo.

The next and last supermoon of the year will take place on May 7. Instead, the Moon will be at the farthest point of its elliptical orbit from Earth (apogee) on October 31st. On that day the full moon will look almost 14% smaller than tonight.

Source: RES - EIA