"Only through quality tourism can the benefits for the whole society be increased"

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Cyprus should be placed on the world map as a quality destination, which will meet the needs of the modern visitor and will be a destination of preference, said the President of the Cyprus Tourism Association (STEK) Akis Vavlitis, on the occasion of World Tourism Day.

According to an announcement by STEK, World Tourism Day is celebrated every year on September 27 by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in order to raise awareness of the global community about the social, cultural, political and economic value of tourism and the contribution of the sector to achieve sustainable development goals. This year's World Tourism Day is entitled "Tourism for Inclusive Growth".

"Only through quality tourism will the goal for development of the sector be really achieved, from which the whole society of the place will benefit", says Mr. Akis Vavlitis.

He notes that the Association since the beginning of the pandemic is on alert and monitors both global developments and local market trends. STEK also states that, from 1997 until today, it continuously contributes to the efforts for the formation of an integrated and inclusive tourism strategy which will lead to the coveted turn towards quality tourism.

STEK also states that in Cyprus, the timeless importance of tourism is incomprehensible since for decades it has been the most stable source of economic development. He adds that it is through tourism that Cyprus becomes internationally known, local communities gain wider recognition and local communities evolve.

"Based on the roadmap for sustainable tourism, which aims to reduce the climate and environmental footprint of the sector as well as the goals of Sustainable Development set by the European Parliament, we are called as Cyprus to draw up a balanced and long-term tourism strategy."

He adds that this means environmental protection, social reciprocity, enhancing local employment, preserving and promoting local culture. The holistic sustainable development will be for Cyprus, it is mentioned, the big bet of the next day, the new big challenge, to meet the new needs.