New postponement of the surrender of the port of occupied Kyrenia

New delivery date of the historic port of Kyrenia after its renovation

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A new delivery date for the historic port of Kyrenia after its renovation was announced on October 20, with the newspaper Geni Duzen writing today that since May when the project was originally supposed to be finished, the delivery date has been changed 4 times.

According to the publication, the restoration-renovation of the port of the occupied city began on December 1, 2022 and would be delivered at the end of May to catch up with the summer season. Three more changes to this date followed, early July, early September and early October. Now October 20 has been given as his delivery date.

In order to confirm the said date in the newspaper, an "official" of the "Ministry of Tourism" referred to the last statement made by the contractor company Tosunoglou.

Orhan Atasoy, project coordinator at the "Ministry of Tourism" told Jeni Duzen that there are some problems with the electricity, so he said that he cannot give a clear date for the completion of the works.

It should be noted that initially the business owners in the port who were affected were compensated for a six-month period, while the project caused many reactions both in terms of the form of the renovation and restoration, and in terms of the fact that the "municipal authorities" and the affected people who participated in a work monitoring committee, they were not informed by the contractor company or sufficiently by the competent "tourism ministry" as they should have been.

Source: KYPE