New cryptocurrency scam – 19 thousand euros were taken from a 42-year-old woman

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A fraud victim reported that a 42-year-old fell at the TAE Limassol, according to which she lost 19.200 euros, investing in cryptocurrencies.

According to the complainant, last September, an unknown person, who told her that he resides in Switzerland, contacted her through an online application and convinced her to download two cryptocurrency trading applications to her mobile phone.

With the guidance of the unknown person, the 42-year-old allegedly created electronic wallets at specific exchanges and sent him her card details, as a result of which he proceeded with transactions amounting to 19.200 euros.

The 42-year-old realized she was a victim of fraud when her e-wallets were emptied and the stranger started asking for more money.

The case was taken over by the Financial Crimes Investigation Office of the TAE Limassol.