New cryptocurrency scam: This is how they pocketed 19 thousand euros

New internet fraud case

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50301531 - robber man hacking computer, crime concept.

A new case of online fraud, the Police are investigating, following a related complaint from a 56-year-old woman.

According to the complaint, between the months of November 2023 and January 2024, the complainant, after conversations she had with unknown persons through various platforms, became convinced of the authenticity of websites buying and selling various products.

The perpetrators encouraged the complainant to create an account in a cryptocurrency exchange and then, with the aim of earning a commission profit on the sales of the alleged products, she was convinced and made purchases and sales, which she paid with crypto-currencies.

The total amount that the complainant seems to have lost amounts to 19 thousand euros.

The Police, on the occasion of this new incident of online fraud, urges the public to be especially careful.

Related Tips:

On the occasion of complaints made to the Cybercrime Sub-Directorate, related to an internet fraud for alleged cryptocurrency investments, resulting in the loss of large sums of money, the Police recommends paying particular attention to such forms of investment.

▪️ Know who you are dealing with. Companies must be recognized cryptocurrency exchanges.
▪️ Do not disclose passwords of electronic wallets or electronic bank accounts.
▪️ Do not give access to anyone through a remote connection to your computer (Remote connection) for such a purpose.
▪️ Keep in mind that such investments contain risks and a high risk of losing money.
▪️ It is recommended to additionally increase the security settings on your accounts on cryptocurrency exchanges (two-factor security).
▪️ Be suspicious, do not believe in shows made with promises of big profits and consult experts.