New episodes at the migrant accommodation center "Limnes"

During a new protest, incidents unfolded

b menogeia

New incidents occurred at the temporary migrant accommodation center "Limnes" in Menogeia.

According to information from the Police, incidents unfolded during a new protest with the police rushing to the scene.

We remind you that on Monday afternoon (05/09) there were incidents at the hospitality center in Limnes, when immigrants set fire to tents.

As Haris Hatzigiasemi, press representative of the Larnaca Police Directorate, reported to KYPE, "during the protest, the foreigners set fire to two counter-tents where they are being accommodated. The Fire Service was called to the scene, but the foreigners did not allow the men of the Force to approach the place to put out the fire."

Finally, he continued, "the members of the Fire Department were forced to throw water from a long distance and as a result the fires were extinguished."