New fire in Paphos - Village evacuated

A nightmarish night was experienced by the residents of the area of ​​Kelokedaron - Trachypedoula

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According to the president of the K.S. Track and field player Konstantinos Feraio.

In his statements to KYPE, Mr. Feraios said that the fire started in Kelokedara and quickly moved to the area of ​​his community, Trachypedoula. Immediately, said Mr. Feraios, the Civil Defense and the Police were mobilized and, for precautionary reasons, gathered all the residents in the center of the village, from where there are two escape routes if needed.

He also added that while the fire was moving very fast towards Trachypedoula, a westerly wind changed its direction to a north-easterly direction, pushing the fire back, causing it to move more slowly. "The aerial fire department prevented the worst," he added. However, outbreaks are still raging, he noted.

Mr. Feraios thanked the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment Maria Panagiotou "for her immediate interest in the residents of the area" saying that she contacted him twice, during the night and in the early morning.