New tragedy on the asphalt: Froso Diogenous lost her life

With the intervention of the firefighters, she was freed from her vehicle

bb asthenoforo asphalt, traffic accident

The Police are investigating the circumstances under which, in a traffic accident that occurred today, in Nicosia, Frosso Diogenous, 63, a resident of Lakatamia, lost her life.

According to the data under investigation, around 2.20:63 a.m. on Monday, while the XNUMX-year-old woman was driving a car on Aegaios Street, in Lakatamia, at a point on the road, under circumstances that are being investigated, she lost control of her vehicle, which veered off the road. of it, hit the pavement to the left of the road and the fence of an adjacent building, where it came to rest.

Members of the Police, members of the Fire Service, as well as an ambulance crew rushed to the scene. After the 63-year-old was extricated from her vehicle by the intervention of the firefighters, she was taken by ambulance to Nicosia General Hospital, where a doctor pronounced her dead.

According to the findings of the statutory autopsy, carried out by a Medical Examiner, the death of the 63-year-old woman was caused by injuries caused during the traffic collision.

The Nicosia Traffic Police continues the examinations.