New increases in fuel prices in the occupied territories - Queues at gas stations

Queues were formed yesterday afternoon at the gas stations in cat

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Queues formed yesterday afternoon at the gas stations in the occupied areas, when it became known that the gas stations would close at 17.00, reacting to the lack of fuel supply. One of the two gas station companies, K PET, announced that the problem in the supply was created due to the bad weather at sea, which caused a delay in the arrival of the tanker.

Late last night, the new fuel prices were published in the "official newspaper", based on the new pricing policy in the pseudo-state that sets the prices on the same day, depending on the supply and the international market. Following the new increases, which are also a major topic on the front pages of today's C / C newspapers, this morning, the gas station association announced that the gas stations are supplying normally, as the two companies K PET (owned by C / C) and ALPET (Turkish property, Altinbas group) they also supply them normally. It is noted that yesterday K PET gave only 2000 liters of gasoline to each gas station.

After midnight, 95 octane gasoline is sold at 18.57 TL (1,15 euros) per liter, 98 octane gasoline at 18.82 TL (1,17 euros) per liter, Euro diesel at 20.88 TL (1,30 euros) and kerosene on 20.12 TL (1,25 euros). The increases are 1,24%, 2,81% and 3,1% respectively.

The director of K PET, Malik Isimtekin, had stated yesterday that the fuel tanker was 5 days late due to rough seas and that the issue of price increases is not the work of companies, but of the "cabinet". However, T / C media, such as Kypris Postasi, wrote that the companies - suppliers reduced the quantities in view of rumors of new upcoming increases in fuel prices, as it was decided.

The Cyprus Post reports that gas station owners in their posts today with photos of their trucks filling up with fuel comment: "There were increases last night, today everything flows like honey and milk".