New relaxations from today in Cyprus - What applies to weddings and playgrounds

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New relaxations in the restrictive measures against the spread of the coronavirus come into force from today, June 4, according to yesterday's decree of the Minister of Health.

In particular, the movement of persons is allowed until 3 in the morning in cases of participation in wedding events, provided that they provide evidence (eg invitation).

It is also allowed to operate gambling and betting companies, in compliance with the relevant protocol, using indoor table seats with the presentation of SafePass.

It is also allowed to hold events in playgrounds, amusement parks and theme parks with the presentation of SafePass. Events in the above venues were scheduled to be allowed on June 16 and the date is moved earlier.

As mentioned in the decree, the new relaxations are made taking into account that the vaccination program for the disease COVID-19 is progressing at a satisfactory pace and that by June 1, 2021, 54,1% received the first dose of the vaccine and 31,9% completed the vaccination regimen. It is also reported that from 28 May 2021 until 1 June 2021 208 cases were recorded, while the average number of patients treated daily is between 65 and 85 patients per day and given that during the above period 3 deaths of patients with a final cause of death were recorded. the disease COVID-19, as well as that the rate of positive diagnostic tests for coronavirus disease COVID-19, ranges close to 0,2%.