Police Officer Petros Eleftheriou died in the line of duty – He went to save a pedestrian and was run over by a 45-year-old

Double fatality on the road-Policeman Petros Eleftheriou is dead

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In a fatal traffic collision that occurred at 7:40 p.m. Constable Petros Eleftheriou of the Voroklini Police Station lost his life today, as well as a second person, whose details still remain unknown.

Specifically, after information about a person who was moving on foot on the Agia Napa - Rizoelias highway, members of the Voroklini Police Station, the Special Motorcyclist Squad, went to the scene.

When the person in question was located on the highway, police officer Petros Eleftheriou parked the patrol car in the safety lane and in his attempt to move him off the road, under circumstances that are being investigated, both were dragged by a passing vehicle with a 45-year-old driver.

Both persons were transported by ambulance to Larnaca General Hospital, where they succumbed to their injuries.
The causes are being investigated by the Headquarters and Larnaca Traffic Police, in collaboration with the Criminal Investigation Service.