Nikolas for Doxas overtime: "Of course it was a mistake, she took responsibility"

Nikolas for Doxas overtime: "Of course it was a mistake, she took responsibility"

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Speaking on the front page, the president of DIKO, Nikolas Papadopoulos, mentioned the issues discussed during yesterday's session of the National Council.

Regarding the contacts of the President of the Republic in New York, he noted that the efforts of Nikos Christodoulidis are focused on the appointment of a special UN envoy for the Cyprus issue, stressing that "we will have a very difficult road ahead of us".

On accuracy, Nicholas Papadopoulos said it was a global phenomenon, firing back at critics of the Christodoulidis government, saying "someone discovered accuracy in the last seven months."

Referring to the universal support measures for citizens in electricity and fuel, he said that these did not particularly help vulnerable groups, pointing out that they should be targeted towards these groups. As he noted, special measures are also being considered.

Speaking about energy, Mr. Papadopoulos characterized it as a serious problem, as Cyprus has the second most expensive business stream in Europe.

Asked to comment on the issue that arose with the overtime of the resigned Deputy Government Spokesperson, Doxa Komodromou, he said that "of course it was wrong", that's why the request was withdrawn, the claim was made incorrectly".

In conclusion, he emphasized that the government recognized that it was a mistake and the Deputy Government Spokesperson took her own responsibility for the matter.

Source: Sigmalive