Dr. Nikolopoulos: The numbers show that we have reached the top in all the Provinces (VIDEO)

What the member of the epidemiological team said about the epidemiological picture of the country and the course of the vaccines

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At Noon and Something was hosted the Member of the Epidemiological team of the Ministry of Health, Dr. George Nikolopoulos, who spoke about the epidemiological picture of the country but also about the positive news from the pharmaceutical companies regarding the course of vaccines.


He initially said that they see the numbers and discern a consistency regarding the weekly cases and the number of reproductions. "They show (s.s. the numbers) that we have reached the top in all the provinces."

He added that some incidents have been recorded in Nicosia, stressing that the situation is not like in the other two provinces, which are doing quite well.

He added that Nicosia is not a big city like Athens and Thessaloniki, noting that interventions were made to reduce incidents and make the process of multiple tests, tracking and isolation more efficient.

At the same time, he said that hospitals, intensive care units and deaths are important indicators. "The system is overburdened but there does not seem to be a high growth rate as recorded in other countries."

He clarified that everyone has suggested the many tests. "Our reservations were whether it would be possible to control the entire population in a short time."

He added that Cyprus is in the right direction as interventions are made in the general population and in the closed structures ".

Then Dr. Nikolopoulos also referred to coronavirus vaccines. "The news is positive and it remains to be seen the publications and most importantly the applications they will make for use in the regulatory authorities." He added that they are transparent procedures.

He stressed that Pfizer announced high levels of vaccine safety, but also protection against serious disease, something that is of particular importance for vulnerable groups. "Cyprus has been working in this direction for a long time and there is a committee that deals with vaccines."

He explained that as a scientific committee they have discussed the priority of population groups, starting with the medical staff, vulnerable groups - the elderly and finally the other groups. "The storage and distribution of vaccines will depend on the vaccines that first arrive in Cyprus."

Finally, he pointed out that they record the effectiveness and side effects of vaccines. "Humanity and especially the western states are living longer in the 20th century due to the existence of vaccines."

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Source: Sigmalive