Cyprus product bill

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The Ministry of Agriculture invests in the production of Cypriot agricultural products with high added value. Through a special bill that has been prepared, it seeks to distinguish agricultural products for their identity and uniqueness and to promote them both in foreign markets and in the local tourism industry. It is pointed out that the contribution of Cypriot agricultural products in the effort to enrich the tourist product of Cyprus is crucial.

The purpose of awarding a label for Cypriot products is to identify the origin, as well as to promote Cypriot products produced in Cyprus with Cypriot raw materials, but also to protect them from unfair competition, for the benefit of both producers and consumers. . The ultimate goal is to strengthen the competitiveness of Cypriot products and consequently to strengthen local production and consumption. In addition, the foundations have already been laid for the development of cooperation for the promotion, certification and marketing of a range of local products, which can be more easily utilized in the tourism industry, as well as for the development of gastronomy strategy in our country.

Taking into account the above and in order to achieve the goal of enhancing competitiveness, special emphasis in recent years has been given to the promotion of agri-food products with high added value, such as Quality Products, ie products of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and Protected Land. (PGI), as well as Organic Products. In relation to the PGI and PDO, four products have already been registered as PGI, the Geroskipou loukoumi, the Geroskipou almond candy, the Paphos sausage and the sweet field rose and as PDO, the kolokasi Sotiras / kolokasi - has sold in Sivi Commission, but without result, mainly for political reasons, the file concerning the halloumi.

The dossiers for three Pitsilia sausages (Pitsilias sausage, Pitsilias ham and Pitsilias lountza) have also been sent to the EU for examination at Community level, while at national level, four applications for registration as PGI have been received and examined ( rhodostagma Agros, spaghetti of the starch (perforated), tertzielloutkia (kallourouroutkia with the baking) and red potato of Kokkinohoria).

In relation to Organic Agriculture in Cyprus, according to data from 2016, its growth in recent years has been rapid. Today, the number of organic farmers is 1.174 and the organic area exceeds 5.550 hectares (4,2% of the total arable land).

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