Nurses: "Recruitment or taking measures"

Through a letter, PASYNO requests that the procedures for the recruitment of all nurses proceed as a matter of urgency


The Pancyprian Nurses' Union (PA.SYNO) sent a letter to the President of OKYPY, Mario Panagidis, today, requesting that the procedures for the recruitment of all nurses proceed as a matter of urgency, as agreed between the unions and the organization, last June. Otherwise, he warns, the union will have no choice but to take action.

According to an announcement by PASYNO, in its letter it states that the spread of the pandemic, the increase of Covid-19 cases in the community and the nurses and the operation of new wards and services in the hospitals require the immediate staffing of the hospitals with nurses ".

"We call on you to intervene immediately and provide a solution to the issue, which affects not only the nursing industry, health professionals, but also affects the health and health care of patients, in extremely difficult conditions," says PA.SYNO.

At the same time, he states in the letter that in the last months, before the second wave of the pandemic broke out, the union appealed to all directions, mainly to OKYPY, for immediate staffing of the hospitals, predicting that not only will the needs increase with the increase of cases and patient admissions but also with cases Covid 19 among the nursing staff.

"However", concludes PA.SYNO, "despite the announcements, commitments and promises and despite our constant actions, nothing has been done so far with the risk that the health system will collapse as it is not sufficiently staffed with nurses ".

Source: KYPE