Nouris: 1100 people in Pournara with AIDS and 800 with tuberculosis

A thousand - a hundred residents of the Pournara migrant accommodation center have been identified as positive for the "AIDS" virus

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One thousand to one hundred residents of the Pournara immigrant accommodation center have tested positive for the "AIDS" virus, and eight hundred others have been diagnosed with tuberculosis, the Minister of the Interior, Nikos Nouris, said on the RIK program "First Information".

He stressed, however, that there is no cause for concern, as in most cases, the necessary medical care has been provided.

At the same time, Nikos Nouris reiterated that the Ministry of the Interior is focusing its efforts on limiting the influx of immigrants from the green line.

He noted that, in 2022, Cyprus is in first place among the member states of the European Union, in terms of repatriation of immigrants, with six and a half thousand people.

He also emphasized that the most important thing is that in recent weeks the enormous efforts made by the Republic of Cyprus to repatriate foreign nationals to Pakistan, India and Vietnam are paying off.

He also mentioned that in a few days a delegation from the Democratic Republic of the Congo will come to Cyprus, with the hope of reaching an agreement on the return of immigrants to the African country.