Nouris on illegal immigration: "We will be merciless to those who abuse our hospitality"

"Settlement of the territories controlled by the Republic of Cyprus is promoted through the daily, systematic and guided promotion of thousands of irregular immigrants, through the green line"

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"A clear message to those who effortlessly criticize the effort to defend the rights of the citizens of this semi-occupied homeland that the measures to deal with illegal immigration will be intensified, mainly in the direction of prevention, deterrence and returns", the Minister of the Interior, Nikos Nouris, sent on Sunday .

In a memorial speech, during the memorial service for the heroes of the community of Trachona who lost their lives during the Turkish invasion of 1974 and during the bi-communal riots of 1963-64, the Minister of the Interior stated that despite the continuous efforts of the President of the Republic Nikos Anastasiadis, for the resumption of the negotiation process, despite taking initiatives to end the impasse in which the Cyprus issue has fallen, Turkey continues to undermine the prospect of the resumption of talks, insisting on its unacceptable and unreasonable demands, systematically promoting the recognition of illegal acts and the imposition of a two-state solution.

He added that Ankara, assisted by its residents in the occupied territories, is moving beyond the challenges in the Aegean, to provocative actions in Varosia and in the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Republic of Cyprus, noting that these actions are clearly directed against the questioning of sovereignty and sovereign rights of the Republic of Cyprus, burying any prospect of a solution and reunification of the long-suffering island.

Mr. Nouris then stated that in recent months we have witnessed yet another methodical and heinous crime, that of the quasi "colonization" of the territories controlled by the Republic of Cyprus through the daily, systematic and guided movement of thousands of irregular immigrants through the green line .

He emphasized that the Turks, through this methodology, seek to cause economic, social, political problems and problems of security and instability, and he cited the latest clashes in Pournara between immigrants of different nationalities to confirm what he said.

"What must be understood is that, without any hesitation, we are ready to give all help and support to those who are really in need, as we did by welcoming the Ukrainian refugees and this is what we are ready as a people to do to those who need it," he continued, warning that "but at the same time it must also be understood that we will be merciless to those who abuse our hospitality and especially to those disturbances that cause problems both for the residents of this country and for our infrastructure".

He also said that tolerance is running out and the excessive burden on the Cypriot taxpayer must end. He also stated that in relation to the latest episodes, "clear instructions were given to denounce those who caused them and to immediately proceed with their deportation".

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When Greece, Italy, Malta and Spain sound the alarm because the percentage of asylum seekers in their countries has reached 1% of their population, then what should we do, which unfortunately, our percentage has exceeded 6% of the population, asked.

He further referred to the position of the EU itself, which with the recent draft Regulation of the European Commission officially recognizes, for the first time, the right of the Republic of Cyprus to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the Republic through the green line, clarifying that this is not the external border.

The Minister of the Interior also said that at the recent Council of Ministers of the Interior in Luxembourg, we requested that specific conditions be set for the granting of aid amounting to 200 million euros intended for Turkey, in order to end the instrumentalization of migration at the expense of Cyprus.

Mr. Nouris appealed for unity, saying that "it is time to wake up and realize, governing and opposition parties, that the homeland is one and the enemy is not complacent."

"Let us put aside political squabbles, vote-seeking expediencies and partisan interests, and let us see the problems that threaten us under the lens of unity and commonality, and work together for the good of our country," he continued, adding that "the militancy , the belief in our rights, the mobilization, the setting aside of passions and pettiness and the demand that the national interest be placed above all, are conditions that must prevail if we want to see better days for our country".

Source: RES-EAP