8-year-old Alexios received the gift of life from his mother in Israel (VIDEO)

Gift of life for 8-year-old Alexios, kidney transplant with his donor mother - "It's a miracle!"

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A gift of life for 8-year-old Alexios, a kidney transplant with his mother as a donor. The little one is these days in Israel and the Schneider Hospital where the transplant was successfully carried out. The story of our compatriots is published by Israeli Media which recorded the moving story.

"It's a miracle!" says the little one's mother.

"Many children when they suffer from an illness do not feel like eating. Alexios had a strong fear of food. But after the operation I saw the difference", says Nicoletta, mother of the 8-year-old.

"It was one of the most difficult moments of my life when I was waiting. Nicoletta and Alexios are my family. If I could, I would give both of my kidneys to Alexios," said the boy's father.

I feel happy, said little Alexios at the end! "I'm happy because we managed to do the transplant and I'll be like the other kids," he says.