The "disabled and upside down" as they called him, shocked the Panhellenic in the "Package"!

You have a package

Strength lessons and incredible games of life bring to light the opening of the latest packages for 2017!

After its history Danielas from Cyprus literally shocked the viewers of the show "Pame Paketo", the story of Andreas Symeos came!

Andreas unfolded his negative memories from his childhood and adolescence, the bullying he received and how he managed to cope!

The difficult years when he did not open his mouth to protest what he was living, not even in his family, do not upset them!

The man from Nicosia not only succeeded but reached impressive points!

From the child who was called "disabled and upside down…" is now a member of the National Paralympic team of Cyprus, he has been distinguished at a global level and continues unabated since he is already training for the next Olympic Games!

Now he wears the coat of arms and makes Cyprus proud! The ultimate example to imitate called the man who believed in him in the Package! His coach and second father was the recipient!

You have a package
See here what he said to Reporter online and to his colleague Andri Kounnou about what he went through "I am no longer the disabled person who was mocked, sport changed my life"

Watch the episode that will be shown on Saturday!