Cancer returned for the 3rd time for 10-year-old Luka – His father broke hearts: "I cry and I'm in pain"

The father of little Lukas, Andreas, is heartbroken: "I am crying and in pain...The cancer has come back for the third time"

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The Odyssey of little Louka Stavros from Paphos continues. Cancer knocked for the third time on the 10-year-old's door. Lucas Stavrou was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of just three, while five years later the leukemia had returned and he was looking for a bone marrow donor. 

The tests he underwent showed that the leukemia had returned.

In the last two days, Lucas underwent the required tests after the treatment he received and a little while ago his mother, Georgia Papaloukas informed us that our results are not good and that the leukemia has returned...

"Because we have to inform you, our results are not good or leukemia has returned.. Relapse"

His father breaks hearts: "I cry and it hurts."

With a very touching post, Louka's father, Andreas, informed that the cancer has returned for the third time for his young son.

Such a touching post:

Time 13:30 …….I return to the room where my Lucas was lying....Dad why are you crying? Where is Mom? I told him with a trembling voice he is here somewhere. Yes, but you're crying, he tells me again. I'm crying my love because we're finally going on that trip to Germany…….And this is what you're crying about? Yes my heart for that my little hero…….I am crying and hurting……….The cancer came back for the third time. We should once again lift our heads up and leave behind whatever torments us or whatever pending we had. You have priority my little prince. Let's go get well and strong!!!