Drivers "caught" driving under the influence of alcohol

After information from citizens, two drunk drivers were stopped in the car/road

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Citizens' sensitivity to road safety issues helped the Police to put two drivers off the road, who were driving under the influence of alcohol and even during rush hour. In both cases, civilian users of the road network informed the Police about drivers who were driving dangerously on highways, as a result of which members of the Ulam Road Accident Prevention Headquarters identified these drivers and put them off the road.

Specifically, around 5.10 p.m. yesterday, following information from a citizen, a car driving on the Ayia Napa - Larnaca highway was stopped for inspection by members of the Police, in the Rizoelia area.

It was found that the driver of the vehicle was a 58-year-old resident of Nicosia, who tested positive in a preliminary breathalyzer test. He then submitted to a final alcohol test, with a lower reading of 76µg%, instead of 22µg%.

The 58-year-old was taken to the Aradippou Police Station where he was accused in writing, while today he is expected to appear before the Larnaca District Court for trial of the case.
A little while later, around 6:XNUMX p.m., in the area of ​​Halepiana, OPOD members stopped a car moving on the Limassol-Nicosia highway, following relevant information from citizens.

The driver of the vehicle was a 38-year-old resident of Nicosia. After being found positive in a preliminary alcohol test, he was taken to Pera Chorio Police Station, where he underwent a final test with a lower reading of 59µg% instead of 22µg%.

He was issued an out-of-court fine for the drink-driving offense and subsequently released.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the main causes of fatal and serious road collisions. For this reason, Police checks, throughout the road network, to identify drivers who have consumed alcoholic beverages are daily.

During the weekend, members of the Police, in all the provinces, carried out a total of over 1100 alcohol checks on drivers, who were moving on the road network. Of these, 107 drivers tested positive and were reported by the Police.