Driver entered the opposite stream causing an accident - Positive in breathalyzer

31-year-old driver involved in car accident - Found positive in breathalyzer and drug test

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A 31-year-old driver who was involved in a car accident was found to be positive for breathalyzer and narcotics.

According to the Press Spokesman and Head of the Paphos TAE, Michalis Nikolaou, 31, under circumstances being investigated at some point on the road, entered the opposite direction of traffic, resulting in a collision with another car driven by a 45-year-old with his 19-year-old son as co-driver.

As a result of the collision, the 45-year-old driver was slightly injured and transported to the Accident and Emergency Department of the Paphos General Hospital, where he was given first aid and fired.

The 31-year-old driver of the first vehicle underwent an alcohol test and it became clear, according to the Police, that he was driving under the influence of alcohol with the indication 81mg instead of 22mg which is the allowed limit.

He also tested positive for a preliminary drug test, while an additional sample taken will be sent for laboratory tests to the General State Chemist.

Paphos Traffic Police is investigating the causes of the traffic accident.

Source: KYPE