A bus driver was shouting at a disabled student that he was making him late

A shameful incident occurred in the past few days against a student who is confined to a wheelchair

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A shameful incident occurred in the past days against a student from Somalia who is confined to a wheelchair.

Maud uses the bus to go to the University of Cyprus for his Greek classes.

According to the public complaint of his teacher Athena Valdramidou, one of the bus drivers spoke badly to him, telling him that the bus waiting for him to get on and off is late.

Ms. Valdramidou was featured on state radio stating that he is a very good student.

"He felt the need to share it with me and it's not the first time he's been spoken to in this way," she said.

He noted that he has addressed the relevant company so that a similar incident does not happen again.

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My Somali student Maud comes twice a week in a wheelchair by himself to the University of Cyprus (Aglantzia) for his Greek lessons. He changes two buses and it takes about two hours to come to class and another two to return to where he lives (Anthoupoli). He is always on time, enthusiastically participates in class, a smiling and bright creature, among 14 other smiling and warm creatures in our class this year. Yesterday afternoon he came earlier and told me that he was very sad (it was obvious anyway, his eyes were wet), because one of the drivers of the Anthoupoli-Makariou line spoke badly to him and shouted at him, because he often goes around with the pram (he uses it i.e. for his commuting!!!) and the bus waiting for him to get on and off is delayed. I listened to him and apologized to him and told him that I will try to help him, so that he will not be frightened by such behaviors again. He told me that of course there are people who help him and that is not the case. Because he is a sweet and well-meaning boy. Fortunately for Maud, there is his class and classmates who provide him with an environment of safety and acceptance. Let the man who shouted at him and terrorized him think how he himself would feel in a completely foreign environment, if he had to fight the same struggle that Maud is fighting. Maud, who is learning another language in addition to the other two he knows (really what foreign languages ​​does the guide speak?), who knows how to joke, smile and be kind to everyone!