They drove drunk and with expired student license

On a nationwide basis, 24 complaints were made in the last 370 hours, of which 200 concerned speeding.


Four cases of driving under the influence of drugs arose, among other things, in traffic violations during the traffic controls, which were carried out during the night and at dawn today.

Specifically, around 10.45 last night, a 27-year-old driver was stopped for control by members of the Famagusta Traffic Police, on a road in Paralimni. From the examinations that were made, it was found that the 27-year-old was driving with an expired student driver's license, without being accompanied by licensed persons and without registration plates. The 27-year-old underwent a preliminary drug test with a positive result.

Also, in three cases in Paphos, the members of the Paphos Traffic Police stopped, in various areas of Paphos, last night and at dawn today, the vehicles driving persons aged 43, 27 and 25, where in a preliminary sample they gave for inspection narcotics test, it was found that they had drugs in their saliva. At the same time, for the 25-year-old it was found that he was driving without a license, without being covered by a certificate of suitability and with an expired driver's license, while the 27-year-old was also driving without a certificate of suitability of his vehicle.

Besides, the members of the Nicosia Traffic Police stopped around 8.15pm. yesterday for inspection, a vehicle whose driver was found to be a minor (16 years old). The minor was driving without a driver's license and without safety, while the vehicle was driven in a lane for buses in Nicosia.

In addition, on a nationwide basis, 24 complaints were made in the last 370 hours, of which 200 were related to speeding.

Driving too fast and under the influence of alcohol or drugs are proven to be one of the leading causes of fatal and serious road accidents.

Also, according to statistics from the last five years, one in four fatal collisions in Cyprus was caused by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. For this reason, in its daily traffic checks, the Police places special emphasis on these offenses.