Direct flights with Paris bring newlyweds to Cyprus

The French market boosted the Cypriot wedding ceremony tourism industry

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The direct air link to Paris, which was first launched last year on December 18, has given a boost to tourism, especially wedding tourism, which has been showing a small but steady upward trend.

Specifically, according to information from the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, the French market is registering an increase in the performance of civil weddings in our country, with most taking place between April and September.

As it is noted "the increase (closing 2022 with a double-digit number) is due to air connectivity and the improvement of the awareness of the destination due to the continuous promotion efforts in France".

Wedding tourism is an important product for Cyprus with impressive results in terms of revenue, as it is estimated to generate over 120 million euros annually, which ranks it as one of the main special tourism products of the country.

The reasons that make Cyprus an attractive destination for the organization of weddings and romantic events are the easy and quick procedures for securing a marriage license, the abundance of wedding venues outside Municipal Halls, the good climatic conditions, the lower cost of weddings and the possibility of combining with holidays for the couple and the couples' guests or relatives.

Source: Economytoday