PASYDY doctors will not participate in PASYKI's 24-hour strike

The doctors of PASYDY state in a statement that they will not participate in the 24-hour strike of PASYKI

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The Branch of Doctors and Clinical Directors of PASYDY states in its announcement that its members will not participate in the 24-hour strike announced for tomorrow in which the medical members of PASYKI are going.

He warns, however, that the position of the Syntechnia should not be misinterpreted and this, he notes, because "if our dialogue with OKYPY in any way does not satisfy us, then our Branch will also consider taking dynamic reaction measures".

As mentioned, following the response letter from the OKYPY regarding the Organization's actions to date and the commitment that the insurance coverage by the state is extended until the end of the year, and "even though this development does not definitively resolve the problem of the insurance coverage of doctors of the Public Hospitals", the Department once again expresses its satisfaction for the even temporary settlement of the issue.

It is noted that the Branch has requested an urgent meeting with the management of OKYpY to discuss both the issue of insurance coverage and other serious issues that concern doctors working in public hospitals, with the management of the Organization having scheduled a meeting with the General Executive Director of OKypY with a delegation of the Board of Directors of the Branch for Thursday at 11:30.

Source: KYPE