The four companies behind the rapid tests in Cyprus - The price table

The Ministry of Health has published information on the procedures followed for the supply of rapid antigen test

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The Ministry of Health provided information on the procedures followed for the supply of rapid antigen test, which have been sent by the General Director, as Control Officer, to the party leaders, following a request resulting from the meeting of the President of the Republic with party and TEU leaders on February 24 to brief political leaders on the pandemic.

According to the information, in all tenders held with the exception of one, the Procurement and Procurement Directorate developed competitive procedures with the participation of at least 2 or 3 economic entities.

From the comparative display of prices, it seems that there is a decrease in prices, the update states.

From 7/1/2021 due to the inability to complete the open tender announced on 29/12/2020 and involving a quantity of 750,000 tests including the option, most procedures were carried out in the form of urgency to meet the needs. The open tender announced on 29/12/2020 was canceled on 17/2/2021 by the Tender Board.

Antigen tests from all different companies were obtained from all procedures.

These are:





On the issue of policy-making, the suggestions were adopted following the recommendations of the TEU and suggestions from the ECDC to strengthen epidemiological surveillance in the community, a strategy which was intensified due to the new executives located in the community, combined with the strategy of gradual , targeting employees, and groups of citizens in areas of increased cohesiveness (eg camps, schools) or in closed structures (eg immigrant centers, nursing homes, etc.).

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