A family with a minor lost their way – The police found them

Immediate intervention of the Police

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Members of the Police (Platron - Troodos Police Stations) immediately took action to locate a family of four who lost their destination yesterday afternoon on a nature trail in Troodos.

The information to the Police was given around 5.30 in the afternoon, that a family with two minor children, went around 3 in the afternoon to hike on a nature trail in Troodos.

The family at some point lost their orientation and because of the darkness asked for the help of the Police.

Members of the Police, shortly after 7 pm, located the family in a secluded spot, approximately three kilometers from the point where they had started their hike.

The family was taken safely to the location where they had left their car.

Bad weather conditions prevailed in the area with very low temperatures.

The citizens thanked the members of the Police for their immediate response and help.