Thanasis Family: Proceedings for criminal charges begin

The family of the national guard Thanasis Nikolaos undertakes an initiative to promote criminal prosecutions and lawsuits

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An initiative to promote criminal prosecutions and lawsuits is undertaken by the family of national guard Thanasis Nikolaou, in consultation with its lawyers, as, as it states, "no action was taken by the Prosecutor's Office" and no notice was given of the investigations, while also referring to "ongoing indifference to the detriment of justice". As stated in a related announcement, action will be taken against persons for whom there is sufficient testimony.

"The family of Thanasis Nikolaou who was brutally murdered on 29.09.2005 while on duty in the E.F., and in consultation with their lawyers, came to the conclusion that the further investigations carried out by the Police recently, following the instructions of the General Prosecutor, they did not reveal any evidence leading to the discovery of Thanasis's killers, despite the motivations they had been given," the announcement states.

It is added that through this process "unnecessary time was simply added to the detriment of the mission of the police and the Prosecutor's Office to effectively investigate the murder".

It is added that "no action was taken by the Prosecutor's Office against persons who clearly did not carry out their task for the effective investigation of the murder", while it is pointed out that the family and its lawyers were not informed about the Police investigations and the their result.

"Under the circumstances and the continued indifference to justice, it has been decided to develop an initiative based on the Law to promote criminal prosecutions and lawsuits against the persons shown by the interrogations of the last three Investigators we have appointed with the approval of the General Assembly and for which persons there is sufficient testimony for the measures in question", he concludes.

Source: KYPE