OKYpY: Extension of insurance coverage for doctors until December

There is no question of non-insurance for doctors employed in public hospitals

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There is no issue of non-professional insurance for doctors employed in public hospitals and no doctor works without coverage since the O.K.Yp.Y. promptly took all the necessary actions in order for their insurance coverage from the state to be extended until the end of December 2023.

It is recalled that the state professional insurance of doctors employed in public hospitals would expire in March 2023, while their professional insurance would then be taken over by a private insurance company. The O.K.Yp.Y. was activated immediately to ensure seamless insurance coverage of doctors through private companies, but given the complexity of the nature of this insurance for the Agency, the process to conclude a proper agreement could not be completed within the given time frame.

In order for no physician serving in public hospitals to operate without the necessary professional coverage and until the completion of the procedures for concluding private insurance, the O.K.Yp.Y. requested and secured, with the assistance of the Directorate of the Ministry of Health and the concurrence of the Legal Service of the Republic, an extension of the insurance coverage of doctors by the state until December of this year, in order to complete the necessary procedures while, for the above progress the O.K.Yp.Y. informed in writing on April 21, 2023 all involved bodies.