Slippery roads in the mountains - Open only for 4x4 & anti-skid vehicles

Roads open only to vehicles equipped with anti-skid or all-wheel drive

geia 7 anti-skid chains, slippery, vehicles

Due to the prevailing weather conditions, the following roads are open only for vehicles equipped with anti-skid chains or with four-wheel drive, the Police said in a statement.

Morphou area

Pedoula - Prodromou
Pedula - Pinewood - Kakopetrias
Kakopetrias - Karvouna
Kakopetria - Spilia - Kannavia

District of Limassol

Prodromou - Troodos
Karvouna - Troodos
Platron - Troodos

Nicosia District

Paleochori - Agros
Paleochori - Aska
Aska - Fterikoudiou
Fterikoudiou - Alonas
Alonas - Platanistasas
Lagouderon - Xyliatou
Lagouderon - Polystypos and
Polystypos - Beads
Nicosia District (Morphou Police Department)
Pedoula - Kykkou - Kambou
Orkoda - Plain

Note that due to frost, all roads in mountainous areas are very slippery, so drivers are urged to be extremely careful.