Onourfios Koullas: "Seriousness should prevail and not populism" (VIDEO)

The statement of the Famagusta MP, Onourfrios Koullas, on the issue of state guarantees

idemrup5cj0 STATE GUARANTEES, Onoufrios Kulla

The statement of the Member of Parliament for Famagusta, Onourfrios Koullas, on the state guarantees:

"We discussed today the bill on state guarantees. This was consulted a year ago and for two months after the extension given by the European Commission for the months of February and March, I mean, and several party proposals were incorporated.

Unfortunately, even today we see part of the opposition, mainly DIKO, AKEL, the Ecologists, raising objections, fears and worries. Everyone insists on their views often contradicting each other.

We believe that we have before us a useful and beneficial tool for the economy, society, businesses and workers for our recovery immediately after dealing with the pandemic. A simple tool that was implemented quickly and without problems in all European countries, without being a thriller in any of them.

The pressure of time and the criticality of the situation oblige us not to enter into endless procedures, amendments, political expediencies that will derail the bill again or make it dysfunctional.

Unfortunately, I say this with pain of soul, the opposition complicates everything and the reforms and everything we do well for this world. It fixes society and does not allow our country to move forward.

I want to hope for the good of our place that logic and seriousness will prevail and not populism ".