Fans went to watch training and set fire

Fans lit torches and set off fireworks

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Incidents that took place yesterday in a sports field in the province of Nicosia, on the occasion of the first open training session of a first-class football team, are causing intense concern for the upcoming football season, the Spokesman of the Cyprus Police, Christos Andreou, told KYPE.

He noted that the training session, which was open to the public, was attended by about 800 of the team's fans, adding that throughout it, fans lit torches (light hand signals) and threw fireworks, which caused a fire on dry grass. outside the stadium.

He stated, in addition, that the fire was extinguished by members of the Police, using fire extinguishers, before the arrival of the Fire Service.

"Despite the fact that the fire was extinguished immediately, without causing any damage, this fact raises questions regarding the readiness and willingness of the competent services to cooperate, in view of the upcoming football season. This is because, despite the fact that the Police had asked the local authorities to deforest the dry grass around the stadium, this was not done, resulting in the fire, he added.


Mr. Andreou pointed out that the fact that, during a check by the Police, before the start of training, in the canteen of the stadium, it was found that alcoholic beverages were being illegally displayed for sale is extremely worrying.

As a result, he continued, the manager of the canteen was reported by the Police.

Mr. Andreou also noted that after the departure of the fans, damage was detected on the external walls of the stadium, from the writing of slogans.

"The above incidents, combined with the fact that it was only a training session and not an official match, cause strong concerns ahead of the new football year, when official matches will be held, with the criticality and "rivalry" that they can they have. They also raise questions about the readiness and maturity of all co-competent bodies, institutionalized or not, so that the new football championship can be held in safe conditions", he added.

As the Police, said Mr. Andreou, they call once again, all those who make up the football map of Cyprus, to rise to the occasion.

"To get serious about the problem of violence in sports venues and the real causes that cause it, far from any expediency, with the aim of making sports venues truly safe," he added.

It should be noted, said Mr. Andreou, that for the purpose of policing yesterday's training, the Police deployed a large number of its members.

In particular, he said that two riot squads and members of the Morphou Police Department were put on standby, while at the same time in other provinces, the gathering and departure of fans of the specific team to the stadium, where the training took place, was policed.

In conclusion, Mr. Andreou said that the Police are investigating the incident.