The daughter of Tremithousa's husband killer is furious: "He took every pill at home"

"Take every pill at home"

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The daughter of British pensioner, David Hunter, who is accused of murdering his wife in Tremithousa, expressed her indignation after the defense lawyers' objections were rejected by the Permanent Criminal Court of Paphos.

It is recalled that in its interim decision, on the admissibility of the defendant's statements and on whether they were made under the regime of free will, the Criminal Court stated that all the apparently incriminating statements of the defendant, including those recorded in his statement, were given of his free will without the use of coercion or coercion by the Police.

The Court also stated that the testimony before it is that any statements made by the defendant were unquestionably voluntary, despite the fact that the deprivation of the right to access to a lawyer or any other right, which in the general context of the objection has been invoked by the defense, it was not done in such a way as to unequivocally state his position.

For the sake of completeness, said the president of the Criminal Court, the accused from the first moment when the members of the Police visited his home, obviously knew that for the Police he was a suspect in the death of his wife.

According to the DailyMail, the court was told that since he was able to call his brother immediately after the murder and confess what he had done, it proves that he was "conscious of his actions".

Hunter's daughter, Lesley, speaking to British media, expressed her opposition to the court's decision, stressing that "I am devastated and struggle to understand how someone can be judged as 'lucid' when they did not even recognize their 50-year-old daughter." “My dad had taken every pill in the house and consumed alcohol. I am confused and do not understand how they came to such a decision, it does not make sense.

Michael Polak, of Justice Abroad, told the DailyMail that “David was shocked and disappointed by this decision. We brought in a leading psychiatrist from Britain to testify, but his evidence was completely ignored by the court. We were shocked in our turn, but we got used to it by now, since during the case of the gang rape in Ayia Napa, all the foreign experts were also rejected."

Hunter's lawyers are considering challenging the decision at the European level as the prosecution moved forward with a murder trial.