Pope Francis on immigration: "The EU leaves Cyprus and Greece with all the responsibility for immigrants"

Pope Francis calls on Europe to take responsibility for immigration

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On his return flight to Rome from Bahrain, Pope Francis addressed immigration management.

"The Mediterranean is perhaps the biggest cemetery, human life must be saved, but Italy, this government cannot do anything without an agreement with Europe, without the responsibility of Europe," stressed Francis.

"Each EU government must say, agree on how many migrants it can accept" and "the European Union must implement a policy of aid and cooperation, it cannot leave Greece, Italy, Spain and Cyprus all the responsibility of of migrants arriving on their shores", the pontiff added.

According to Pope Francis, Europe should try to approve development plans for Africa because "it is hypocritical to think that the migrant problem can be solved in Europe".

Finally, the pope emphasized that he believes that the new Italian government, like the previous ones, will continue to save human lives because "the opposite would not be humane".