A 35-year-old man pleaded guilty to car theft

35-year-old man who tried to escape by driving in the opposite direction pleaded guilty to car theft

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An arrested 35-year-old man admitted today before the Larnaca District Court to car theft.

According to the Police, the investigators of the case registered the case before the Court today and the 35-year-old pleaded guilty to stealing a car, with the result that the Court set October 2nd as the date for reading the facts and imposing the sentence.

Until then, the Court ordered that the 35-year-old remain in custody.

In terms of traffic offences, the man admitted, according to the Police, to reckless and dangerous driving, failing to stop at a police signal, while he pleaded not guilty to the offenses of refusing to provide a final drug test sample and driving without insurance.

The Court set October 13 as the date for the trial of the offenses to which he did not admit. The 35-year-old was asked to pay a bail of 500 euros in cash, a condition he did not fulfill and remained in custody.

As for the second person, also 35 years old, who was arrested yesterday by the Police, he was interrogated, but no evidence was produced against him and he was dismissed.

It is recalled that according to a statement from the Communication Department of the Police Headquarters, "a 57-year-old man reported to the Police that at noon on Tuesday, September 19, his car was stolen, which was parked in an area of ​​Larnaca, with the keys in the ignition. Also, a complaint was made by a 43-year-old man, that also yesterday Tuesday, a bag containing a tablet worth 500 euros and a bank card was stolen from his car, which was parked in the yard of his house in Larnaca, unlocked with the keys in the ignition. ».

During the examinations, the 2.20-year-old's vehicle, in which two 57-year-old persons were on board, was located around 35:XNUMX yesterday afternoon by members of the Larnaca Police Department. The members of the Police asked them to get out of the vehicle, which one of the two did, while the second allegedly fled the scene, "driving recklessly and dangerously, at breakneck speed and into the opposite flow of traffic."

Subsequently, the stolen vehicle hit a road island and came to a stop, while the 35-year-old "tried to escape on foot, but was arrested by the members of the Police". From further tests carried out it was established that the 35-year-old was not the holder of a driver's license, "while he underwent a preliminary drug test with a positive indication".

In a search that followed inside the vehicle, the bag with the tablet and three knives were reportedly found, among other things.

The Kiti Police Station and the Larnaca Traffic Police are continuing the examinations.

Source: KYPE