Extension of applications for recruitment of SYOP in the National Guard

The Ministry of Defense informs those interested that the electronic submission of applications through the Government Portal is extended

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The Ministry of Defense informs the interested parties that the electronic submission of applications through the Government Portal https://www.gov.cy/gr/, is extended until Friday, October 06, 2023 at 14:00.

For more information, questions, assistance in completing the application or in the event of an error or inability to submit the required supporting documents, interested parties can contact the Service Center for Conscripts and Citizens of the Ministry of Defense daily from 08:00 to 15:00 , on working days, at the contact phone number 1430 or at the e-mail address syop@mod.gov.cy

To proceed with completing the online application, the applicant must be a registered and authenticated user of the Government Portal https://www.gov.cy/gr/. Identification can be done as follows:

  1. electronically following the instructions listed in Gov.cy or
  2. in person at a Citizen Service Center, presenting the Identity Card.

At the end of the submission of applications, the candidates will undergo a Sports Test to determine their physical condition and a Military Test to determine their combat ability. The Tests in question are expected to take place within the month of October and candidates will be invited via email and SMS.

It is noted that the candidates who were National Guardsmen and have fulfilled the obligation to serve in the Force and secured an appropriate order of success from the previous Final Table published in the Official Gazette of the Republic on 28.04.2023, and who have already been offered employment will be invited after after the Athletic and Military Test of the candidates of the new Table for Health examination. It is understood that their offer of employment will be valid provided that they have properly completed their military service and will be judged as first or second class (I1 or I2) qualified by the Medical Examination.