Harass and send obscene material to children – Increased complaints

Appeal to parents, as they have their children under supervision regarding the use of the internet

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The Electronic Crime Directorate appeals to parents, as they have their children under surveillance regarding the use of the internet.

The appeal is due to increased complaints/reports to the Police regarding the sending of obscene material to children or online harassment of children for the purpose of agitating minors for sexual purposes.

It is emphasized that with the development of technology, the perpetrators adapt their approach methods and through the anonymity that the internet often offers, trying to mislead children.

It is very important to communicate with the authorities in a timely manner, to deal with such cases so that the Police can help the minor victims effectively.

It is emphasized that our main concern is confidentiality.

For more information or for reporting purposes, internet users are invited to visit the website of the Electronic Crime Directorate www.cyberalert.cy as well as for complaint/reporting purposes.