PASYDY: Requests a review of overtime work and shift allowances

PASYDY requests a review of overtime work and shift allowances

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PASYDY requests the immediate convening of the Joint Personnel Committee to review the way of calculating overtime and shift allowances, as it appears that this is absent from the State Budget, as submitted.

In a joint meeting of all the branches of the Public Service that work with the shift system as well as the branches whose Service requires overtime work, held on Friday, an update was made, according to which, although a number of other allowances are being gradually restored in the Budget of 2023 "a documented request of ours which dates back to 2019 when it was registered and discussed repeatedly in the statutory mechanism of the Joint Personnel Committee has not been adopted", says the PASYDY announcement on the matter.

In particular, absent from the State Budget is any improvement regarding the gradual restoration of the following allowances: Night Work Allowance, compensation for work on public holidays during working hours that are beyond the fixed hours of the work schedule, compensation for work on Sundays, when Sunday is part of the work to complete the set weekly working hours, compensation for work on Easter Sunday, 6/1, 1/4, 15/8, 28/10, 25/12 and 26/12, compensation when not they work on holidays but have completed the set hours on the other days of the week.

Also not included is the revision of the calculation for overtime on weekdays and Saturdays until 1.00 p.m., overtime on Saturdays after 1.00 p.m., Sundays and public holidays, overtime work by government employees engaged in shift system or with special hours on Saturdays until midnight and flat-rate overtime pay for government employees.

"In light of the above, we request that a session of the Joint Staff Committee be convened immediately and within the month of December to discuss the burning issue under reference in order to find the arrangements that will bring about satisfaction of the above request by adopting them in the next Supplementary State Budget ".

Otherwise, the Syntechnia warns that "unfortunately we will have no other choice than to take all the necessary actions to vigorously claim the above non-excluded and take dynamic measures".

The announcement is signed by the Boards of Directors of the Branches of General Nursing Staff, Nursing Staff of Mental Health Services, Health Services Employees, Hospital Laboratory Staff, Tech. Radiologists, Physiotherapists, Tech. Radiotherapists & Occupational Therapists, Prisons Department Employees, Social Welfare Services Employees, Civil Defense Employees, Customs Department Employees, Forest Department Employees, Meteorological Department Employees and Civil Aviation Department Employees.

Source: KYPE