PASYXE: Tourism target 2023 levels despite the challenges

Another challenging year will be 2024 for the tourism industry given the economic crisis

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2024 will be another year of challenges for the tourism industry given the economic crisis that exists and the geopolitical turmoil, with the aim of the performance of this year's tourism year to reach the levels of 2023, PASYXE Director General Filokypros Rousounidis said at KYPE.

As Mr. Rousounidis said, in the last month there has been a slowdown compared to the bookings of the corresponding period last year. "Of course, we consider this to be a combination of events that certainly concerns the geopolitical turmoil that exists in the surrounding area, the war in Israel, but also the economic crisis in certain Central European markets," he noted.

With all this, he continued, we set as our first goal this year to get as close as possible to 2023. "We see that the available passenger seats are also relatively reduced compared to last year, but we do not want to panic the markets or our tourism partners" , he added.

He expressed the belief that there will be a stabilization in the tourism sector this season, pointing out, however, that "it seems that it will be very difficult to reach last year's numbers".

Furthermore, Mr. Rousounidis noted that "in the last three to four years, the sector has been plagued by many and successive crises, pandemics, energy crisis, inflation, increased interest rates and others and yet it remains close to the numbers of 2019".

We hope, he continued, to get as close as possible to these numbers in 2024.

He emphasized that the conditions show the resilience of the sector "which we will definitely have to support and help especially in this year where we will be called upon to provide a high level of service, which is mainly left to the workforce, which we need very much and we hope - as well as the commitments of the Government - we will be helped on this".

In response to a question, Mr. Rousounidis stated that internal tourism has always been a small percentage of the total. "It's definitely positive that it's gone up from 6% and possibly hit double digits, it's not a game-changer, but it's definitely a healthier tourism model," he said.

He concluded that it will be another year of challenges. "We are evaluating the situation on a daily basis and we will try to bring the year as close as possible to that of 2023," he concluded.