More than 200 personal pediatricians at GeSY - What is the process?

Today, more than 200 pediatricians are contracted to GeSY


Today, more than 200 pediatricians are contracted to GeSY, who provide primary health care to the beneficiaries registered in their lists, and specifically, pediatricians offer services related to the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and promotion of children's health.

According to an announcement, which is transmitted by the General Health System, long before the start of the General Health System and the implementation of the institution of the Personal Doctor, pediatricians already functioned as personal doctors of our children: They knew from the beginning of their lives their medical history and they monitored the progress of their health.

With the implementation of the NHS, this role was strengthened, with pediatricians being the initial point of access for the beneficiaries within the System, having the role of "guide" for the patients within it.

According to the announcement, the procedure for selecting a pediatrician in the System does not differ from that of selecting and registering with any adult Personal Physician.

Beneficiaries can search for Pediatricians contracted with the OAU either on the website of the Health Insurance Organization or on the Beneficiaries' Online Portal.

Children can register with a Pediatrician of their choice or that of their parent/guardian.

The application for registration in the list of Personal Physicians can be made in two ways: electronically, through the Beneficiaries Online Portal or after a visit to the pediatrician.

As stated in the announcement, in the event that a request to register a pediatrician is submitted through the Beneficiaries' Online Portal, the request is valid for a period of seven working days.

“If the pediatrician does not respond within seven days, your request is canceled and you are not considered to be registered on their beneficiary list. Upon completion of your registration in the pediatric beneficiary list, you will receive a notification by e-mail. In the event that after your registration you wish to change your pediatrician, this can be done after six months from the date of registration in the list of the existing pediatrician", it is added.

According to the announcement, the restriction differs only in two cases: for children up to three (3) months, who have the right to change pediatricians whenever they wish, and for children from three months to two years old, who have the right to change pediatricians once every three months, from the date of their registration.

For beneficiaries who are approaching 18 years of age and are enrolled in a pediatric beneficiary list, their guardians will be reminded to enroll them in an adult PI.

A beneficiary who is still enrolled in PI for children upon reaching the age of 18 is automatically enrolled in a list of beneficiaries of PI for adults and will receive a relevant notification by e-mail.

According to the announcement, the pediatrician is considered the beneficiary's Personal Doctor, so a referral is not required for a visit, but he can issue a referral for other Specialist Doctors.

As in any other case within the System, in order to be able to receive health care, one must be registered in a PI list.

A pediatrician within the NHS, in addition to the standard medical examination he carries out on a child, diagnoses and treats acute and chronic diseases and administers the necessary vaccines. In addition, a pediatrician has responsibility for the prevention and promotion of children's health, which is graded according to age:

In children up to 6 years of age, a pediatrician performs examinations according to the Child Health Booklet, issued by the Ministry of Health, applying the guidelines that exist and the time frames described.

For children aged 6 to 14, the pediatrician provides advice on various topics such as accident prevention, risky behaviours, nutrition, sun protection, physical activity, sex education, smoking and alcohol.

For children aged 15 to 18, the pediatrician provides advice on a variety of topics such as physical development, sex education, depression, bullying, alcohol, early detection of problems, sun protection, physical activity, nutrition and smoking.

Beneficiary file of the child


According to the announcement, in order for a beneficiary to access their medical history, they must link their Beneficiary File to their User Account.

For adults the user account can only be linked to an adult beneficiary record.

In the case of minor children, the guardian can link their user account to their own personal beneficiary file. Both parents can have access.

For non-Cypriot beneficiaries, the automatic connection takes place, assuming that the parents have previously registered with GeSY. However, if parents enroll after their children in the Beneficiary File, they must ask the Pediatrician to add their information during the beneficiary verification/identification process at the child's first visit to the Pediatrician.

If this is not done, it is better to contact the Health Insurance Organization.

Additional charges


As in other cases within the System, so also in the case of pediatricians, the beneficiaries are subject to some charges for specific services within the System.

Specifically, there is a charge if the beneficiary visits their pediatrician outside of working hours, i.e. on weekdays after 20:00, on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

In these cases the beneficiary will pay a fee of up to €25. Charges also arise when the beneficiary exceeds the specified number of visits to a Pediatrician during the year, with the charge amounting to €15, it is stated.

As defined by the General Health System, the specified visits per calendar year are as follows: From birth to the completion of the 1st year of age: 10 visits, From the completion of the 1st year of age to the completion of the 3rd year of age : 8 visits, From the completion of his 3rd year of age to the completion of his 6th year of age: 7 visits, From the completion of his 6th year of age to the completion of his 11th year of age: 4 visits, From completion of the 11th year of his age until the completion of the 18th year of his age: 3 visits.