He was caught red-handed by a citizen stealing fuel from a vehicle

He was caught in the act while stealing fuel - 36-year-old handcuffed

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Police handcuffed a 36-year-old man in Limassol, who allegedly attempted to steal fuel from a parked vehicle, but was spotted by a citizen.

According to the Police, around 23:00 p.m., on Tuesday night, while a citizen was driving his vehicle to a parking lot in the tourist town of Germasogeia, he saw an unknown person trying to hide behind a parked car, whose fuel tank was open and a piece of watering hose was attached, ending in a barrel. The citizen immobilized the suspect, while patrols from the Limassol Police Department and the Germasogeia police station arrived at the scene.

The 36-year-old did not give satisfactory explanations regarding his presence at the place, while a search of his vehicle revealed a traffic light, a piece of watering hose, the same as the one found in the fuel tank, and a bag of tools.

Closed surveillance circuits were located in the area, which are being evaluated, while the suspect was arrested with a warrant and a case of fuel theft is being investigated against him.