They went to Machiras, lost their orientation and got trapped

They lost their orientation and got trapped in the highlands of Mahira

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Help to two tourists who last night lost their orientation in the mountains of Mahira, were called and provided by members of the Police, who, after locating the two visitors, took them to a place for temporary accommodation.

The two visitors, men aged 44 and 29, had yesterday gone with a rental car to the forest area in Kapedes, where, after losing their orientation, they got stuck in a difficult place, while at the same time their car had a mechanical breakdown and could not be driven.

Relevant information, which also mentioned the coordinates of the area where the two visitors were, was received by the Police around 1.00 after midnight. Members of the Lakatamia Police Station rushed to the area and located the 44-year-old and 29-year-old in an inaccessible forest area. After arranging for their car to be towed, the two men were taken to a hotel in Nicosia for temporary accommodation.