Numerous offenses from the video of racism

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Two videos from the serious verbal incident between three women in a parking lot in Larnaca and in front of children, are held by the Police, which is investigating serious cases of racist violence, assault, threats, harassment and personal data breach.

The investigation is at an advanced stage and the two sisters who seem to be leading in the incident, their mother who remained uninvolved and the Russian Svetlana Zaicheva who witnessed an accident in a parking lot in Larnaca, have already been summoned and testified. of the racist episode. The two sides submitted their own allegations and the two brothers already claimed that the Russian woman, who has been living in Limassol for 20 years, asked them for 100 euros in order not to make public the fact that they were involved in an accident and did not stop. They also complained about the publication of the relevant video from the episode in which both their minor children are shown, stating that their personal data was violated.

For her part, the Russian woman denies that she asked for money from the two girls and that everything she did was done to protect the other driver. TAE Larnaca investigators have received the mobile phone of the foreign woman in which the verse tale with the two sisters was recorded, as well as the video from the parking lot in Larnaca, where the incident took place. According to information from "F", this video only records image but not sound, however it will be examined to see if it has recorded anything else. It should be noted that the video recorded by the Russian woman can be accepted in court as evidence, however, a case of violation of personal data can be brought against her, since she published it on social media without the permission of those who appear.

For the case, because in the violent incident witnesses and two children, the Welfare Office has been involved so that if they need any support to be provided to them. According to the spokesperson of the Police, Christos Andreou, statements were made to the Larnaca Police Department by both the person in charge of the parking lot where the unprecedented incident took place, and the owner of the vehicle with which the three women collided. He added that once the investigations are completed, the relevant file will be forwarded to the Legal Service for study and instructions.

Meanwhile, there is concern in the Authorities about the fact that the sad incident happened in front of two minor children and was even made public, with the result that they were exposed. Police are discreetly examining this aspect of the case and will let the matter be studied by the Attorney General.

It is noted that according to the Fight Against Certain Forms and Manifestations of Racism and Xenophobia through the Criminal Law Act of 2011, a person who intentionally, either publicly or through public dissemination, incites violence or hatred against a group of persons or a member of a group of persons determined on the basis of race, color, religion, pedigree or national or ethnic origin, in a manner which disturbs public order or is of a threatening, abusive or offensive nature, is guilty of an offense and, if convicted, is subject to to a prison sentence not exceeding five years or to a fine not exceeding € 10.000 or both.

"Thank Svetlana with a message"

The owner of the hit vehicle sent a message thanking Svetlana Zaitseva for her attitude, ensuring that all the procedures provided for the repair of his car will be carried out. As the mother of the owner explained to "F", both of her children are people with hearing loss. "I do not work, it would be difficult to repair the car. Fortunately he stopped them, because in the video it seems that they left. "May the woman who intervened be well."

As she mentioned, her son was on the beach of Larnaca, without knowing anything of what was happening. "I was at a wedding when the police called me. I went to the parking lot where I found both my children and the three women with two minors ". Eventually, I learned what had happened the next day, when my son was called to testify at the police station. "No one should behave in this way. "I know what it is like to face racism, because I experienced it with my children when they were still young."

With nervous shock one of the Cypriots

One of the Cypriots involved in the case of the racist incident that took place in Larnaca last Saturday suffered a nervous breakdown. According to Alpha, the specific woman was informed by the Management of her workplace that she has been fired. He therefore suffered a nervous breakdown and was taken to a private clinic.

NIKOS PERISTIANIS: "It is not simple racism"

"It's not just racism. It is both selfishness and inability to understand the other ", noted in" F "the sociologist Nikos Peristianis and added:" It is an incident that highlights the character that the Cypriots build, during which it is difficult to admit their mistakes. They always defend themselves, regardless of the circumstances. They do not give the opportunity to understand the other and his attitude ".

The easy solution for such a character, the sociologist continues, is to blame the other. The one who is against him and who challenges him, who pointed out his mistake. "For this reason they tried to dismantle it, to level it. Especially when it comes to a foreigner. This automatically placed her in a subordinate position. At the same time, it is considered that she should not be there, but in her country ".
Everything is characteristic of a culture, says Mr. Peristianis.

The fig under the fig tree will fall. These behaviors are not accidental, they are not born of nothing. This arrogance and arrogance, shows elements from the environment. This incident is a psychograph for a portion of the Cypriot people and a representation of attitudes, which we leave to cultivate. The mechanism, in fact, is highlighted by the behavior of the child who is "present", which mimics the behavior of his parents. These behaviors are perpetuated. " Fortunately, he concludes, the majority of the world was in favor of Russia. "It simply came to our notice then. It shows that there is hope. "

CHILD COMMITTEE "To protect the privacy of the minor"

The Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of the Child, Despo Michailidou, appeals to the competent authorities to take the appropriate measures to protect the privacy of the child, even afterwards. "The protection of the child's personal data and privacy is an inalienable right of the child, so the way in which this incident is made public needs special attention." He states that the incident concerns "manifestation of vulgar verbal violence and racist speech against a woman of different ethnic origin, in the presence of a minor child", expressing intense concern and concern.

The complainant demands the suppression of racism

The complainant, Svetlana Zaiceva, is considering following the path of Justice, seeking to bring to light the face of racism and at the same time to teach a lesson to the women who are allegedly attacked. As she explained, she had to use her phone as she was alone, there were no witnesses and she does not know the language. In this way she would protect herself. "The purpose of the publication was for society to see the racism that exists. They changed their behavior when they realized I was
foreign". Svetlana Zaitseva wants better communication between people, regardless of race or gender. "As a small country, it is a pity that this racism exists. "We could be a united and cohesive society." He also said that an apology would be accepted if given by the three women on the spot and if they proceeded with the insurance procedures for the vehicle they had hit. Svetlana Zaiceva has lived in Cyprus for 20 years and this is the second time she has been racistly attacked. She is also the mother of three boys, aged 21, 16 and eight.

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