POED: "The goal of our Organization was and remains the solution of problems and not the conflict"

Demand for dialogue aimed at supporting school units

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The desired "Is the substantial support of our schools, which due to the consequences of the pandemic are experiencing an extremely difficult situation", states the POED in an announcement, adding that the issue is dialogue.

"The goal of our Organization was and remains the solution of problems and not the conflict", he adds.

Following public statements on the need for a meaningful dialogue between the POED and the Ministry of Education and Science to alleviate the crisis, which has been created recently in the field of Education, the Organization reiterates its readiness to re-submit its positions: Start of diagnostic tests in Kindergartens in order to remain open and safe, sending substitutes full time in all cases, starting an institutional dialogue to resolve issues concerning substitutes, announcing a timetable for the installation of systems and / or ventilation devices in all schools.

"The above requests of the WTO have been submitted for quite some time and are known to the Official Side", refers.

They are requests, it is added, "Which aim at the safety and health of children and teachers but also at the smooth and orderly operation of school units under the circumstances.

"We hope for a positive response from the Ministry of Education, so that calm and normalcy can be achieved in the sensitive area of ​​education, through the solution of the problems that have been created", the Organization concludes, in its announcement.